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The Cadaveric Lab Center Facility and Equipment


Conveniently located in Rockford, Illinois (just 70 minutes from Chicago O'Hare International Airport) within the OrthoIllinois Clinic and Rehabilitation site, the Cadaveric Lab Center offers a private setting for skill and product development.  Equipped for single or multiple work stations with state-of-the-art technology, including two-way interactive video conferencing and offering auxillary amenities, the Cadaveric Lab Center provides the optimum facility for entrepreneurial and teaching objectives.

  • Floor drains and hard floors for sanitary environment

  • Separate wash room / kitchen area optimized for cleaning instrumentation and handling of cadaveric specimens.

  • Dedicated freezer space for temporary cadaveric specimen storage on site.

  • Changing room and laboratory scrubs.

  • Restrooms and showers available on site.

  • Whiteboard for teaching and idea development.

  • Fully trained laboratory technician and lab management to assist in scheduling a lab, procurement of cadaver, set up and running of the lab, clean up, and cadaver disposal.


  • 5 fully operational arthroscopic towers with up to date technology including video management systems for capturing photos and videos, shaver and burr capabilities, and radio frequency ablation.  (Smith Nephew Lense System)

  • Modern operating room suction devices with in-wall Stryker Neptune docking station.

  • Arthroscopic instrumentation sets:  metal cannulas, graspers, biters, scissors, and suture passers.

  • Open instrumentation sets:  retractors, elevators, etc.

  • Battery Power units to run drills and saws.

  • Cadaveric mounting tables and commercial tables for surgery simulation.

  • Exterior video capture tower and network capabilities allowing teleconferencing and or recording during cadaveric sessions.

  • In-ceiling water and power to facilitate multiple configurations for simultaneous arthroscopic surgeries.

  • Fully operational operating room table to allow for whole cadaver surgery.

  • Large C-arm

  • Large screen television for playing instructional videos to attendees during training and connectivity.



  • Adjacent meeting rooms.

  • Adjacent dining areas for catered meals.

  • Separate entrance and parking from clinic.



Current rental charges are dependent upon length of rental and equipment to be used.  Please call Nicole at 815.381.7332 Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm for applicable rates based on your needs.

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